Thursday, June 26, 2014

UberX, UberBLACK, UberCHOPPER, UberWEDDING, ... ?

Uber, the Silicon Valley transportation company that recently raised $1.2B at a post-money valuation of $18.2B, has been expanding its services quite frequently, thanks to the capital infusion.

It seems to be expanding everywhere in the world, including in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.

The latest service to go online, starting today, is UberWEDDING. The black limousine and the whole bit. So, what could be next?

A Suggestion to Uber for a new service.
Uberबरात, so that the groom can make use of Uber services to arrive at the wedding venue, on a white Mustang? In a traditional Baraat, the groom, with his party singing and dancing around him, arrives at the Mantap on a white horse.

Groom on a Mustang, 2014.
However, we don't expect Uber to line up white horses for the Uberबरात service, do we? A good approximation for the horse is the Mustang line of cars from Ford Corporation, as shown in the photo here. (The photo is from a recent wedding I went to, where the groom arrived on a Mustang, although red).

It does appear that Uber have started to put the $1.2B to good work, doesn't it?

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