Thursday, November 3, 2016

Silicon Valley, 2.0.

After spending about 2.5 years in the Seattle area, I'm back in Silicon Valley, in Northern California. Seattle region is a good place to be; some people even have called it the next Silicon Valley. The lush greeneries everywhere throughout the year have even provided a tag line for Washington State: The Evergreen State.

Why this turnaround?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

From a Future Owner of a Tesla Model 3.

Everyone has a reason to buy, or acquire, what they wish for.

Most of the things we buy routinely are the ones that we need in our daily lives: groceries, clothes, ...

And, then, we have the big-ticket items such as homes, cars, ... Note that some of these big ticket items, we don't have to buy; we can rent. Cars are more of a necessity in some parts of the world although, if the Ubers and Lyfts and have their way, even those can be rented as need arises. (There are taxis, of course).

Why this long preface?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Down the Memory Lane at Airlines Hotel, Bangalore.

You listen to an inspiring convocation speech by Nani Palkhivala for your engineering graduation. Commencement, they call it, in America. You move on to go for a celebration dinner. To Airlines Hotel. Masala Dosa, ice cream and the whole bit. The prime mover, and sponsor, for this kind of graduation celebration, was my uncle, himself an engineer.

That was January 1972.