Thursday, June 30, 2011

SF India Consulate hosts Honorable Janardhana Swamy, MP, in Silicon Valley.

L to R: Susmita Thomas, Janardhana Swamy, Ashok Sinha
Yesterday, June 29, the San Francisco Indian Consulate arranged a reception for Hon. Janardhana Swamy, MP, who is currently visiting Silicon Valley after a week-long series of diplomatic meetings in Washington, DC. Mr. Swamy is also a member of the Parliamentary Committee on External Affairs of the Lok Sabha. Ms. Susmita Thomas, Consul General, and Mr. Ashok Sinha, Consul (Community Affairs), were the chief felicitators.

This event was an invitational-only event and the stated purpose of the community meeting was for Janardhana Swamy to get a better pulse of how the consulate is serving the public in this area. The San Francisco consulate serves 15 US states from Alaska to Wyoming.

This blog post is to capture my personal impressions of the event. Some media personnel were present at the event and you will probably see some reporting as well.