Monday, February 20, 2012

Linsanity, à la Bollywood.

Lately, Linsanity, or 'insanity' surrounding Lin — Jeremy Lin, a basketball player for New York Knicks — has been a phenomenon of sorts. This 'insanity', of course, is due to a sudden and unexpected rise in his game performance, and his perceived value to the team. Consider these, for example, as of this writing:
On Twitter, Jeremy Lin has 489,576 followers, and counting.
On Facebook, Jeremy Lin has 913,226 likes, and counting.
On CNN's web site, Jeremy Lin is the 2nd most popular topic, after Whitney Houston, the pop singer who died recently.
On Time magazine, an entire article on Linsanity is published [subscription required], and Jeremy Lin is on the cover of the 27 February 2012 issue.
The foregoing and many other sources will educate you on the question of "Who is Jeremy Lin"?