Saturday, December 1, 2012

My New Girlfriend.

Weddings are a fortuitous ground for finding new girlfriends (or boyfriends). The primary reason for this is the presence of romance in the air, not only that of the bride and the groom, of course, but also of many of the guests in attendance.

Equally importantly, there is a bit of a valuable self selection that goes on: If you have been invited to the wedding, there is a reason for it. You know either the bride or the groom or both, or at least you are probably only one more connection away from them. Therefore, there is an implicit approval of the people you meet because they are already known in at least among the bride's and/or groom's circles. Thus, you are confident of a certain social standing of the guests who attend. For example, if the bride is a medical doctor, several of her doctor friends might be in tow; if the groom is a PhD, you might get to interact with his PhD colleagues; or, if either of them is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, you might to get see fellow entrepreneurs too.

In a wedding I got to attend recently, as shown in the photo above, I got an opportunity to get introduced to a young girl. During an initial conversation with her, it became apparent that neither of us felt shy about talking to each other — an important factor as an icebreaker. Sometimes, not being able to converse freely on an initial meeting becomes a big impediment to subsequent meetings! In addition, as luck would have it, it turned out that her favorite food items are dosa & pizza too, just as they are mine!

Who does not like music and dance? Psy's Gangnam style video itself is fast reaching a billion hits on the web (If you click on this link, you will increment the hit counter). In recent years, Bollywood music has become of great interest to me, personally: Music, when combined with meaningful lyrics, can enrich life. Have you watched any recent Yash Chopra movies?

Imagine my delight when I saw my newly-found girlfriend performing a dance to Bollywood music, complete with Bollywood-style attire! Sometimes, good luck comes to you in quick succession.

As I got to know her better, I came to know that she is also a beauty pageant winner! My joy knew no bounds. Talkative, dancer, attractive, dosa-lover, pizza-lover, beauty pageant winner ... Who wouldn't want to be friends with her?

This wedding turned out to be a winner.


  1. This story stumped me. When I got to know who that girl is I enjoyed the story very much.

  2. Bharat N Kaushik writes:
    Looks like you have been reading Guy de Maupassant or O Henry's short stories :)
    ... looking forward to more ...