Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday, July 4 and San Francisco.

At the Dosa on Fillmore.
It is always nice to be surrounded by people, and particularly if the occasion somehow relates to you as an individual. In this case, it was a celebration of my birthday, although somewhat belated1. We made two trips from the South Bay to San Francisco, on July 3 and 4.

That we enjoyed dosa at the Dosa on Fillmore was particularly fitting for me personally; I belong to the select class of people who can eat, and have eaten, dosa for breakfast, lunch and dinner2.

San Francisco is particularly suitable for getting around by walk, if you are not bothered by the hilly terrain. Akhila and I did exactly that in the afternoon as we got to the restaurant by walking all the way along Fillmore. Most of Fillmore, between Jackson and Eddy streets, were closed for the festival.

Fireworks as seen from the Marina
The next day, July 4, a smaller contingent involving only Akhila, Ramesh, Ramya, Veena & Vikram went to San Francisco, primarily to see the city and the Independence Day fireworks. Along the way, we drove to Twin Peaks and had a nice view of downtown San Francisco.

After a pizza2 dinner in the evening, Ramya's friend Divya also joined us for viewing the fireworks. We went to the Marina Green, and watched fireworks that seemed to emanate somewhat from the east of where we were, probably from Fisherman's Wharf or Pier 39.

The entire weekend was a memorable one.

1Societal etiquette requires that you do not ask someone's age and other important personal information.
2I belong to another select class of people who can eat, and have eaten, pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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